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    Halo Radar Product Launch

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Halo Radar Product Launch


After extensive investment in team hours and product development. We are very excited to officially share the news of the groundbreaking new Halo™ pulse compression radar. 

Halo™ radar is the world’s first, solid-state, pulse compression radar positioned for the light commercial and recreational marine markets.

Halo™ radar uses solid state transmitter technology and advanced digital signal processing to deliver superior target detection and definition with close-in range performance unmatched by any other open array radar in its class.

  • Unprecedented combination of long-range and close-range detection, from 20ft to 72nm
  • Unmatched target resolution and beam sharpening
  • Dual range with independent models, 2-in-1 open array
  • Easy-to-use, auto-tune mode selections including Harbor, Offshore, Weather, Bird and Custom.

The Halo™ radar series is progressing well and we can confirm we will begin product shipments from June 1 for the Halo-3 and Halo-4 models. The Halo-6 model will begin shipment from August 1. Small quantities may be delivered prior to these dates and any backlog will be filled based on the dates when orders are received. 

Pricing has now been finalized and is listed below. You may also consult your price book for the latest pricing details and product information. FCC approval has now been achieved. As a result of this progress and the confidence we now have in shipment dates, your assigned Customer Satisfaction Representative (CSR) is now accepting orders. At this time, the Halo™ radar pedestal is not available to order separately. 

Halo™ radar product images, content documents, advertising and promotional material as well as a full product brief will be made available to you during the week. Additional marketing and sales materials for the commercial division in the near future. These assets are located on the Navico Asset Bank using the website address indicated below. Enter the search word “HALO”.  


For a complete pricing list by customer-type, please visit the Navico Online Price Bookhttps://pricebook.navico.com/login

In the coming weeks, be sure to look for Navico Online Learning Academy (NOLA) courses related to Halo™ radar Navico Online Learning Center Login

If you require assistance with your Online Pricebook and/or Asset Bank username and password, please contact your Sales Manager.